TACHYON - Music + Art + Love + Time Travel

What do you get when you combine a Grammy Winning trombonist known for his wild dancing on various television shows with a Juilliard trumpet player turned prolific music producer? You get Tachyon! A pop indie band that leaves fans with an emotionally stirring and sonically astounding experience!

Tachyon co-leaders Jonathan Arons and James Cage have earned their stripes in the industry as horn players backing up and arranging for such music titans as Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, and Jon Bon Jovi as members of the world famous Chops horns section

After years of backing up other artists, Arons and Cage decided to team up to be front and center. Aside from playing on Dave Holland's jazz big band Grammy Winning album Overtime, Arons' experience in the limelight included appearances on America’s Got Talent, Jimmy Fallon, and Maury as the internet sensation "the dancing trombone player". Believing he had more to offer, Arons wanted to showcase his singing writing music that told stories of the tumultuous relationships and spirituality in his life. Cage, a trumpet player graduate from Julliard, had been cultivating his production, engineering, and mixing skills over the years, getting various songs licensed and mixing for artists such as Frenchie Davis (finalist on NBC’s The Voice: Season 1) and Janice Robinson of Kobalt Music. 

Tachyon's music is the result of two years working together in Cage's Newark home studio. What separates their music from other bands' is how each song could be classified into a separate genre and yet they all have a unique unifying sound. Each song is fresh with ideas from the next so that audiences are left to wonder what's coming next, which brings us to their name. Tachyon, in theoretical physics, is a particle that moves FASTER than the speed of light, so you never see it coming, much like the transcendence of their music, and unpredictability of their styles and subject matter. A few of their songs also appropriately have sci-fi overtones like Aliens and Time Machine! 

Influences include among others Fun, Passion Pit, Daft Punk, Frank Ocean, Green Day, Jamiroquai, and Roy Ayers.